Michael Xiao explained the "Six Strategies" and investments in Tanzania of CNBM Group in details to the group led by Shu Luomei and then reported the business operation of CNBM Logistics Base in Tanzania and the development history, existing business and future plans of BNBMG Tanzania. He also presented his own opinions and experience on the problems encountered by Chinese-funded enterprises during their development in Tanzania and the corresponding solutions. Then Zhang Zongfeng described the operation and development of Tanzania Branch of Sinoma International and the strategic plan of Sinoma International.

Shu Luomei offered appreciation to the development of Tanzania Branch of Sinoma International, and spoke highly of the "Grid-based" management mode of the Group's internal businesses. She gave some guidance to the solutions for difficulties encountered by the enterprises in terms of immigration and taxation, and put forward suggestions on increasing the employment of locals, developing new businesses such as e-commerce and participating in the "Belt and Road Initiative" in international market.

Then the group led by Shu Luomei investigated the CNBM logistics base warehouse, visited the employees of the enterprises in the logistics base.